Europe 100 Closest Cities – Choose Any City

Enter city to begin (i.e. 'Paris, France').


  1. What would be great on this one would be if you could vary the number (e.g., 50, 100, 250, 500, 1k) as well, rather than being forced to just do 100.

    The “Closest cities to your location” quiz permits this, but as one person on that page observed, the location-tracking function can be pretty buggy!

    Adapting this quiz to make it into something like: “Europe X Closest cities, Choose City and Number” would allow people who are having trouble with the own-location one to have an alternative to that functionality through here (by typing the name of their own city). But it would also introduce new fun possibilities (e.g., doing a widening series of closest cities to a city I’m not currently in).

    Just a suggestion – keep up the amazing work, I love this site!

    – James

  2. On a couple of quizzes now, most notably Mos, Spain, it gives the percentage in the results as “cityname%” for both 20 Hardest and 20 Missed. On Mos, I only got 10 answers, but #4 and #12 show up in the aforementioned format, while the rest are blank. All the 20 Missed are city_name%.

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