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Europe 10K+ Cities By Longitude Range – Choose Longitude


Begin by choosing a longitude from -10 thru 60 by entering it (only multiples of 5). Then, name the Europe cities of at least 10K population from that longitude thru 5 degrees east of it – i.e. if you chose ’40’ you would be naming the cities from 40 to 45 longitude. Object is to achieve the highest population.

Enter a longitude multiple of 5 from -10 to 60 to begin (i.e. '-10').
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5 months ago

It is a bit strange to see IJburg zuid-oost en Hengelo noord (the Netherlands) listed as separate urban centers (I know that it is also the case in your source)as they are generally seen as suburbs of Amsterdam and Hengelo. Could you maybe accept the places without the cardinal direction specification (zuid-oost and noord)?

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