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Europe All 10K+ Cities – Choose Country


Enter a country then choose it from the drop-down list – then try to reach the highest population by naming that country’s cities. Scores are separate by country. Need to refresh page to try a different country. Quiz is not timed.

Enter country name to choose country.
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1 year ago

is it on purpose that in Turkey there is 1 city on the Asian side?

9 years ago

I’m italian and I can guarantee that this score for Italy of 99,86% is 99,86% fake, it’s impossibile to know so much without cheating!!!!!!!!

9 years ago
Reply to  mucciniale

It’s a given that the quizzes are full of fake scores… always by the same names. Play to the best of your abilities and try to ignore them until (and if) a better solution is found.

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