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  1. Hmm I’m not sure. If you look on Google maps for instance that Enkhuizen is a very small municipality where there’s only the city and a very small village Westeinde, some farmhouses and several industrial zones which combined never will make up for the 8000 of the 18000+ citizens of the municipality. All the new build neighbourhoods north of the old village (Noordersloot/Kadijkersloot) is part of Enkhuizen. If you think it’s not, you first have to separate Landgraaf, which consists of 4 former villages as well, and other ‘cities’ which historically HAVE grown out of smaller villages (I.E. Eindhoven).

    The dutch wikipedia pages retrieves its data from the Dutch National Statistics office (CBS) so that’s a reliable source, and I think more reliable than a German site 🙂

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  2. Enkhuizen municipality has enough people, however the city itself is smaller than 10K. Netherlands data was hard to come by, not from, from the official census site.

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