Europe 50 Closest Cities To Your Location – Choose Letter


Begin by entering any letter except ‘J’, ‘Q’, ‘U’ or ‘X’ (they have less than 100 total cities) – then name the 50 closest 10K+ European cities to your geographic location (as determined by your browser’s location function) which begin with that letter. To use this quiz you will have to choose ‘Allow’ if your browser asks to share your current location – you also may have to restart the quiz after choosing this. If your browser does not allow getting your location the quiz will not load.

Enter a letter other than J, Q, U or X to begin.


    1. It’s just that Darin forgot to change the non-available letters above the guessing box… those are the letters for the US quiz, the correct ones for the European/World ones are those in the Directions for each.

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