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Europe 50 Largest 10K+ Cities By Country Identifier – Choose Country


First choose any country by typing it and choosing from the drop-down box – then, double-click on the marker for each of the top 50 largest 10K+ cities (or less if there aren’t 50) in that country as they come up. Markers will all be red to begin. Clicking on a the correct shown city will turn the marker green. Clicking on the incorrect city will cause no change in the markers.

Note – you may want to zoom in on markers which are close to one another to make sure you click on the correct marker.

If red markers do not appear after you choose a state try reloading the quiz.

Countries with less than 5 10K+ cities not included in this quiz – they are Monaco, San Marino, Andorra and Vatican City.

Enter country to choose from the list...
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2 months ago

I miss Luxembourg in this quiz, is that correct?

4 months ago

In the Netherlands, Arnhem-Zuid is marked as a city, but this is not a separate city by any means. I am also surprised Schiedam is not on the list and Vlaardingen is, because the former is bigger.

5 months ago

the markers for some Finnish cities (Joensuu, Oulu, Tampere, Turku) are located not in the city center but somewhere in the countryshide outside the city (especially for Tampere and Turku this is an issue as there are several suburbs around the city so you have to basically guess which one is the right one)

5 months ago
Reply to  darin

it’s probably because in Finland cities are municipalities and in some cases nearby rural municipalities have merged into the cities causing the municipality limits to extend further and therefore skewing the center (e.g. the Joensuu municipality continues up to the Russian border so the marker is well east of the actual city)

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