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  1. There is a problem with Moldova in all city quizzes, including this one – when choosing Moldova, an additional box appears in the middle of Romania, far from Moldova. Looks like a Romanian has been wrongly labeled as Moldovan in the database.

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  2. Something’s wrong with the counting of the towns/cities by inhabitants playing Italy on level 1. I got 6/0 >5m cities (but there are none in Italy), 0/1 2.5-5m cities (but I typed Rome), 0/1 1-2.5 cities (but I typed Milan), 0/2 750k-1m cities (but I typed Naples and Turin), 0/2 500-750k cities (but I typed Palermo and Genoa), 7/6 250-500k cities, 27/26 75-100k cities, 78/76 50-75k towns, 242/240 25-50k towns.

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