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    1. The same anonymous country fault appears on completion of the ADV level also: all 1118 squares completed and no countries remaining, but country counter still showing only 42/43 done. There’s something strage about Maribor also, as Slovenia showed as complete even though that sqaure was not entered.

  1. There’s something amiss with the quiz now (at INT level). I’ts showing that there is only one country outstanding (RUS) but also showing that only 41/43 counries are complete. The city counter show 268 of 269 cities completed. There are two empty grid squares in Russia, but using the grid from the Europe City Latitude Coverage quiz for comparison (and various mapping sites), there is nothing in there above 10k to find. So how can the quiz be finished? (The empty grids are those south of Ukhta and east of Kandalaksha.)

  2. I believe there may be a problem with the coordinates of Kuvandyk, Orenburg, Russia, which is about 51 N 57 E but is showing up in the grid for 50,50 to 52,5, 52.5 on intermediate.

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