Europe Largest 5-Letter Cities

Enter # of cities (100, 250, 500, or 'all')

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    1. Ok, I’ve tried the quiz on the three main browsers and the markers are working fine on both Firefox and Chrome but are missing on IE. Do you guys who are having the problem happen to have a copy of Firefox or Chrome installed on your computers?

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    1. so you enter the # of cities and the fields fill in (like it will say 0/100 if you chose ‘100’) but the markers don’t show up? or you enter the # of cities and nothing shows up? i can’t think of why just the markers wouldn’t appear but the city data loads – could possibly be some sort of privacy setting but doubtful.

      1. Yeah, I’ve tried doing just 100 or I’ve tried all, and I get the number of cities for each population range in the bottom section and it counts them as I enter names, but no markers on the map. It had been working on other quizzes for me recently, and I went back and checked on those too and they’re not showing up for me there either. That’s why I figured it had to be a problem on my end.

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