Europe Most Populous Administrative Divisions

Enter number of divisions to begin ('50', '100' or '250').


  1. The only minor problem I see with this quiz is that if you guess a region that contains an enclave before you guess the enclave both will become red… e.b. Brandenburg before Berlin or Lower Austria before Vienna. If unfixable then it’s better to guess enclaves first or one might risk forgetting obvious cities.

  2. Couple more things: in Spain, Navarre and Murcia are switched. Some enclosed cities like Berlin, Vienna and Budapest won’t lit up though they’re accounted for. These 3 new regions quizzes are awesome but they eat up a lot of resources… I think people with older machines and/or slow connections will find them very hard to play.

      1. I see… but as we’re dealing with areas on a map, land area is what comes to mind first when reading “largest”. It’s better now. Please take a look at the 25 missed list as it came out empty to me.

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