Europe Largest Cities By Country – Choose Number


First choose the number of cities by typing ‘3’, ‘5’, ’10’, ’25’, or ‘050’ (which refers to 50 cities) – then type in the largest N cities per country where N was the number you chose. Minimum 10K population for cities.

Enter '3', '5', '10', '25', or '050' to begin.


    1. if you can recreate the Top Cities bug let me know what city you typed in to jump to 344 – i’m not seeing anything wrong. Kosovo doesn’t have an outline for itself on the quizzes where you can zoom in all the way.

  1. Some of the smaller countries don’t show up in the list at the bottom, and they didn’t seem to update in the city counter right away. Also, some of the Belgian cities, such as Antwerp, don’t look like they have the correct coordinates. I really like this quiz and the US version; don’t know how I missed them before now. Would be cool to have a World version plus ones for other continents too.

  2. Why are the shapes of Lebanon, West Bank and Gaza included when they aren’t in Europe? And something is definitely up with the 50 hardest and 50 missed and the percentages. For example, I fail to believe 93.33% of people knew Vlore yet only 86.66% got Amsterdam.

  3. There’s something up with the “50 missed” and “50 hardest” on this one – “50 missed” only shows me ones which I DID get, and “50 hardest” mixes up some of the ones I did get with some which I didn’t.

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