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European Union Largest Cities


First choose the number of cities by typing ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘500’, or ‘1k’ – then try to achieve the highest population among the largest 10K+ cities in EU member states politically – there may be some cities not geographically in Europe and you may have to zoom out/scroll to see them. Territories are included only if they are generally considered part of the EU. Quiz is not timed.

hugequiz Premium users have the option to choose any number of cities to play the quiz with (stats are processed but score isn’t saved). Simply enter #(number of cities)# to play the quiz with any number of cities from 25 to the maximum. For example, to play the 300 largest cities, type #300# to begin the quiz and you will play it with the 300 largest cities. Entering #all# will play it with all cities – all cities will also be chosen for any number chosen above the total.

Enter # of cities (100, 250, 500, or 'all')
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9 months ago

what is the blue dot next to barcelona I tried hospitalet de llobregat, but it isn’t filling in?

3 years ago

bro i tried typing in reggio calabria but the pin doesnt dissapear. is there like another name for it or somethin’??

3 years ago
Reply to  YommiVenua

It’s under “Reggio di Calabria.”

4 years ago

please remove the uk

4 years ago
Reply to  darin


4 years ago

Should Britain be removed from this quiz now? Or alternatively to have this renamed to EU+UK and have another one for EU proper to keep the current leaderboard as is?

9 years ago

Both St Denis are accounted for but I think the pin for metropolitan St Denis isn’t cleared when guessed.

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