FIFA 50-Cap Players By Country – Choose Country


First, name any country that has at least 10 players with 50 international caps by typing the country followed by a ‘.’ (i.e. ‘Brazil.’). Then, name all players who have 50 or more caps for that country. # of caps and most recent cap year shown.

Current accepted countries:
Brazil, South Korea, Germany, Mexico, England, Switzerland, Japan, Sweden, USA, Finland, Poland, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, China, Bulgaria, Norway, Argentina, Costa Rica, Hungary, Ireland, Romania, Tunisia, Egypt, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Spain, Estonia, Wales, Chile, Iran, Australia, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Peru, Croatia, Israel, Luxembourg, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Scotland, Algeria, Iraq, Malta, Latvia, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, El Salvador, Honduras, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Thailand, Venezuela, Jamaica, Russia, Singapore, Ukraine, Jordan, Czech, Qatar, Canada, Ghana, Guatemala, Morocco, Panama, Paraguay, Cote dIvoire, Slovenia, UAE, Albania, Bahrain, Cyprus, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Slovakia, New Zealand, Senegal, Zambia, Andorra, Armenia, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Bolivia, Oman, India, St Vincent, Uganda, Angola, Malaysia, Moldova, Syria, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Myanmar, Togo, Bosnia, Mali

Enter a country followed by '.' to begin (i.e. 'England.')
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