FourFourTwo 100 Best Footballers By Year

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  1. Great quiz!
    A few answer issues, as said above, Goetze and Gotze should be merged, so should Muller and Mueller & Alexis and Sanchez.
    Mahamadou should have his last name.
    Yilmaz doesn’t work, it seems to have the turkish i.
    Nakamura doesn’t work.
    There’s a typo with cazorla (cazorta)
    You should accept Simao.

    Other than that I had a lot of fun.

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    1. Nakamura is accounted for even if it’s not displayed. Assuming he’s the 2008 Celtic player that is… Great score BTW. I would be happy with 700 or so. Slowly but steady the number of participants in football quizzes is increasing which can only be a good thing.

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