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France All 1K+ Cities – Choose Department


First enter the name of any department in metropolitan (Europe geographically) France. Then, name all 1K+ cities in that department trying to achieve the highest total population. Quiz is not timed.

Enter department name to choose department.
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9 months ago

I think the “Top Cities:” feature is broken on this quiz. I only named 6 cities, and it says I’ve listed the top 1,480 cities. This happens in every department. I am running the latest version of Firefox.

10 months ago

tried Seine Saint Denis now and in the 50 hardest table there was
Saint Denis – villetaneuse%
Montreuil – dugny%

and in the missed table all of the other cities (including the previous 2 with the correct city before the %)

10 months ago

might be an issue because I’m the first one to take the quiz but for some reason all cities were showing up in the missed list (including the ones I got)

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