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Enter a 3-letter country abbreviation, then try to reach the highest population by naming that country’s cities. Abbreviations are first 3 letters of country’s english name (i.e. SPA for Spain, CZE for Czech Republic) except for the following: BLG – Belgium, SVK – Slovakia, SVN Slovenia, GBR – United Kingdom. Only countries with at least 10 10K+ cities are included. Quiz is not timed.

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Quiz Updated: 4-18-2015

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  1. 0
    Most counters in Montenegro don’t show the right number of cities guessed, including the percentage (anyway, the score is not affected by this).
    1. 0
      hmmm, looks good to me – maybe try refreshing and holding CTRL when clicking refresh to make sure you get the newest data…you may still be loading cached old data when i accidentally had Monaco as part of it.
  2. 0
    I followed your indications, but nothing changed for me… Anyway, if it works fine for you, no problem :-) Sorry for bothering you.
  3. 0
    For some reason in many quizzes Aigio doesn’t work.
    1. 1
      If Aigio doesn’t work, try typing Egio.
      1. 0
        I didn’t even think of an alternative spelling… Thank you!

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