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12/28/2017 – A new update on the upcoming including some screenshots of the new site!
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Single-click on the location of each country capital. The closer you click, the more points you get (max 100).

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NOTES: Quiz is NOT timed. Don’t worry about pinpointing each capital, I made the points so that you are not punished many points by missing it by a small distance, however the points decline rapidly at larger distances. After a guess, you can move the mouse over a GREEN marker to see an actual location, and over a RED marker to see your guess along with what you were guessing at and the distance.

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  1. 3
    Any chance to make this a double-click like other recent locator quizzes? Many times single-clicking will only move the map an inch and nothing more. If I double-click I risk guessing two cities in the same place and thus ruin my quiz. It’s frustrating.
    1. 0
      Didn’t prevent you from getting the best score though, uh? :)
      1. 1
        No, but I’ve screwed quite a few attempts in the process. Perhaps there’s a reason why this one is single-click when all others are double-click. Locators are some of my favorite kind of quizzes but at HugeQuiz best scores are only temporary. :)
    2. 0
      unfortunately can’t for this one (and some others) – some of the shapefiles i use to show the borders while not showing city labels for some reason make double-clicking difficult (i.e. it doesn’t register) so i have to rely on single-clicking for answers.

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