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First choose a country and level by typing the country’s first three letters (English spelling) then ‘1’, ‘2’, or ‘3’ – i.e. ‘GER1’ – NOTE: use ‘GBR’ for the UK, ‘SLK’ for Slovakia, ‘SLV’ for Slovenia, and ‘BLG’ for Belgium. Level 1 is easier, with a 1 degree grid. Level 2 has a 0.5 degree grid, and level 3 a 0.25 degree grid. Then name any 10K+ place in each grid square. Areas which are blank do not contain a place that qualifies (no places of 10K population). You get more time for countries/levels with more answers. Any country with more than two 10K+ cities is included in this quiz.

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Enter country abbreviation followed by level to begin (i.e. ‘FRA2’).

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Quiz Updated: 5-6-2015

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    How do I choose Slovakia or Slovenia?
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      it’s in the directions…
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    My name is not on the high score list?

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