Europe Largest 10-Letter Cities

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First choose the number of cities by typing ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘500’, or ‘all’ – then try to achieve the highest population among Europe 10-letter 10K+ population cities you chose. Tried to use most common English spelling for city names.

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Quiz Creation Date: 7-16-2015

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  1. 0
    can you accept Goteborg, St Denis, Krasnograd and Yenakievo please
    1. 1
      This is a quiz based on number of letters, so better keep their 10-letter offical versions.
    2. 1
      yeah for these quizzes you need to type the versions consistent with the number of letters in the quiz.
      1. 0
        Krasnograd is 10 letters and Yenakiyevo too
        1. 1
          Yenakiyevo wasn’t when you first posted. Still I think it’s a bit redundant to ask for alternative names with the same number of letters… even more if you know the city name the quiz is asking.
          1. 0
            well I actually missed Yenakiyevo ’cause I didn’t put the spelling the quiz accepted
            1. 0
              adding those two alt spellings that also have 10 letters.
  2. 0
    I keep trying to type “navapolatsk”, but it’s not working for some reason. Yet it shows up in the results section.
    1. 0
      You have to type “Navapolack”, which has 10 letters, while “Navapolatsk” has 11 letters. In the European Cities quizzes based on the number of letters in their names (like this one), you have to keep to the requested number of letters, so alternative names aren’t accepted if they don’t have that specific number of letters.
      1. 1
        however Luik is accepted for Liège and Gent for Ghent in the largest 5-letter cities
        1. 0
          Does the lack or the inclusion of some alternative spellings detract from the enjoyment of playing the quiz in any way? I mean, either you know the cities or you don’t… otherwise you’ll make Darin go through all the quizzes on the series adding and subtractng names for more than its worth. Regular largest cities quizzes have a ton of alternative spellings, better play this one straight.
          1. 0
            Yes if there are some quizzes where an answer is accepted if it doesn’t have the same amount of letters but on others it isn’t
            1. 0
              Ok, to each his own but given the idea behing these letter quizzes you’ll most likely see the removal of any alternatives than the adding of new ones. That if Darin cares one bit.
        2. 0
          yeah those shouldn’t be accepted in the 5-letter quiz i’ll remove them from that.
      2. 0
        Ah, I see. I was just confused because “navapolatsk” is what shows up in the results. I figure darin should at least have it as “navapolack” in the results if that’s what’s accepted, or just have the city in an 11-letters game. Sometimes I don’t count right when the letters get more than about 6.
        1. 0
          Yes, it may be a bit demanding when you have to deal with longer names (in my case, over 7/8 letters long) in a quiz like this one; it’s easier for me to forget city names I wouldn’t normally leave out in other quizzes. As to Navapolatsk, I think the spoiler may prevent further problems with its spelling :)
  3. 0
    Yes, you’re right, 1516, but quizzes like these for the most part require you to keep to a specific spelling, e. g. Navapolack. Anyway, there may be a lot of cases I’m not aware of allowing more than one spelling. Knowing the requested spelling is enough for these quizzes, though :)
    1. 0
      You’re right, there are a lot alternative spellings on largest cities quizzes… even recently I’ve asked for Salonica/Salonika to be accepted for Thessaloniki. It’s still waiting for approval I think.
      1. 0
        Actually, I was referring to the possibility of multiple spellings in quizzes like this one, which are “stricter” than the Largest Cities’ ones. I’m no expert as to alternative names, so there may be a shorter or a longer version of a city name I don’t know or I’m not thinking of that can be accepted (much like Luik/Liège or Gent/Ghent).
  4. 0
    as a follow-up, yeah these letter-count place name quizzes did have me pick a unique letter count for each city, but if there are alternatives with the same # of letters i will add them. some cities are going to be just a judgment call on my part – sometimes i use the name English Wikipedia has for the city name if i can’t decide.

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