Europe Largest 2+ Words Cities

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First choose the number of cities by typing ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘500’, ‘1k’, or ‘all’ – then try to achieve the highest population among European 10K+ population cities with two or more words that you chose. Tried to use most common English spelling for city names – words can be separated by either a space or a hyphen for this quiz.

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Quiz Creation Date: 7-13-2015

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  1. 1
    L’Hospitalet is missing. It’s made up of two words: L (short for El) and Hospitalet.
    1. 0
      i counted contractions as one word.
    2. 1
      I’m not sure if contractions count, but even so it’s LHospitalet de Llobregat. While “L’Hospitalet” is commonly used, many other towns that are usually shortened are in this quiz, (G***** in Italy, B**** in UK, E******* and many others in Germany)
  2. 1
    Could you please accept “Velikiy Novgorod”? I’ve always used that spelling and it’s always been accepted until this quiz (even appearing in results under that spelling). Also, it appears as if “Giugliano in campania” is in here twice. At least it’s listed twice under my 50 missed.
  3. 0
    is this an update of your older quiz?
    1. 0
      Yes, this replaced the old text-only version I think. You can suggest cities that seem to be missing and if they qualify they’ll get added to the quiz.
  4. 0
    btw can you accept Kamyanets Podilsky? and where are Karlovy Vary and České Budějovice?

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