Mexico Largest Cities

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First choose the number of cities by typing ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘500’, or ‘all’ – then try to achieve the highest population among the top 10K+ population Mexican cities you chose. Quiz is not timed. Zoom level is limited as city labels would show up otherwise.

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Quiz Updated: 4-21-2015

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  1. 1
    Hey darin, “Guadalupe” does not seem to be working despite appearing on the answer screen.
    1. 0
      It accepts Guadelupe but its location is way off the Monterrey Metro where it should really be.
      1. 1
        Oh ok that makes sense. It is accepted with the ‘a’ on other quizzes, which is why I was confused. Also Darin how dare you shorten Nezahualcoyotl just after I learned to spell it!
        1. 1
          ah…yeah it should be an A, i’ll fix that.
        2. 1
          I thought exactly the same, all that time learning to spell Nezahualcoyotl and now a mere Neza is enough… lol But still there are some quite amusing Mexican city names left.
          1. 1
            There should be a “most difficult geographical names” quiz for you guys – memorize the spelling of places like “Rhosllannerchrugog” and “Kirkjubaejarklaustur”.
          2. 0
            So that’s where Neza is, and that’s why Nezahualcoyotl didn’t work!
            1. 0
              Now c’mon mate… you’ve just transcribed the city names. Way to go.

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