US Largest 5-Letter Cities

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First choose the number of cities by typing ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘500’, or ‘all’ – then try to achieve the highest population among US 5-letter cities you chose. ‘St’ is abbreviated for naming purposes.

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Quiz Updated: 4-21-2015

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        Whatever it is, and I think the city name is just Butte, it should show up in Montana on all quizzes since the pop is over 30K.
        1. 0
          If Darin is using the Butte-Silver Bow version for this particular quiz it won’t appear here. But yes, on some other quizzes Butte-only is accepted.
        2. 0
          it’s officially Butte-Silver Bow I believe, and I use it as such across all quizzes.
          1. 0
            On the the 3 US All Places quizzes Butte-only is accepted. Same for Lake Havasu and West Valley where on some quizzes “City” is required and on others it’s not. No big deal AFAIC.
            1. 0
              i may accept alternate names as an answer for other quizzes, but for quizzes where the city name is the topic of the quiz and criteria for making it into the quiz, i base it on the official city name – but occasionally using a more common name such as Ventura for San Buenaventura.
              1. 0
                Such is the case… so in retrospect expect Butte-Silver Bow to appear on the US Largest 14-Letter Cities… should this series reach that point. :)
  1. 0
    The census does call it Butte-Silver Bow. From what I see from the city’s site it is the city of Butte in Silver Bow county. They have a combined government since 1977 and that administrative body is referred to as Butte-Silver Bow but their website still refers to the city of Butte. Nothing definitive but probably going with the census name is the best thing. I had no idea Butte had this tie in and had never seen it referred to as anything other than Butte.
  2. 0
    Since Darin is using the official city name, Boise City, Idaho shouldn’t be on this quiz. Yes, the official name of Boise is Boise City.
    1. 0
      According to may research of the official Idaho government websites and the official Boise website, they never refer to Boise as Boise City(with the exception of naming a government organization on the Boise website that coincidentally had the words Boise and City in it), and looking at the official city name on the state of Idaho official website, they solely refer to Boise as Boise, not Boise City.

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