World 500 Km Coverage Challenge

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Choose any 50K+ World city, then continue naming 50K+ cities which are within 500 km of any previously named city. SEE NAMING NOTES below quiz. Please note – North/South America and the rest of the world are considered separate sections on this quiz. The game will not end if you haven’t begun one of them and then ‘jump’ over to it to begin working on it. So you get one free city to choose outside of the 500km distance if you want to start working on the section you haven’t started. But once you have started both NA/SA and Rest of World, you cannot guess a city outside a 500km circle or the quiz will end.

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Quiz Creation Date: 5-22-2015

NAMING NOTES: Many places have similar names. For places in different countries with the same name, simply add the first two letter of the country name after the city name – i.e. ‘valenciasp’ for Valencia, Spain as there is a Valencia, Venezuela (which would be ‘valenciave’) – another example is ‘birminghamun’ for the UK Birmingham and ‘birminghamus’ for the US. For US cities of the same name, type the city, then state abbreviation, then ‘us’ – i.e. ‘pasadenatxus’ for Pasadena, TX and ‘pasadenacaus’ for the one in CA. For same names in the same country other than the US, add the country’s first two letter then a ‘1’ or ‘2’ based on their population rank – ‘suzhouch1’ for the larger Suzhou and ‘suzhouch2’ for the smaller one. Finally, some names must be typed in to get to a longer name, i.e. ‘lima’ for ‘limassol’ – to answer just Lima type it in with a period at the end, i.e. ‘lima.’

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    Love the quizzes by the way! Sorry to complain!
  2. 0
    How can San Pedro (Ivory Coast) be entered? I’ve tried several combinations but none worked. Also, is there any way to know the maxiumum score for this quiz? 8640 is a theoretical number, but some places like Australia, New Zealand, Honolulu, Anchorage, Reykjavik, Cape Verde, Mauritius, Fiji etc are not reachable… unless you start there but it’s kind of dumb. :)
    1. 0
      Ok found it, it’s San Pedroco. I was thinking the country in terms of Ivory Coast.
  3. 0
    Tanta comes up whilst typing Tantan. Port More still hasn’t been fixed.
  4. 0
    doing well until i put in palma sp . game over. i thing it thought i was typing palmas.
    1. 0
      yeah it’s just palma. with the period.
  5. 0
    Aaaaah! I entered san francisco. for the US city and died. (It was definitely valid, just not the proper input, I guess.)
    1. 0
      This quiz can be tricky because of the duplicate names… “sanfrancisco.” will activate a small city in Argentina. For the US city you have to enter san franciscous.

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