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Germany Cities Triple Blackout


Fill in the 25 squares with 3 German cities based on the categories in the top row and the state given in the cell. For example, if you are looking at a cell with ‘Bavaria’ in its row, and ‘Starts With M’ in the column, that cell can be filled in with ‘Munich.’

Full names of cities must be used otherwise the quiz is a little too easy. For example, no shortened versions such as ‘Neustadt’ for the many ‘Neustadt an der…’ cities are accepted.

Occasionally a cell may not have any qualifying answer, in which case it will be filled in bright green and be a gimme. Cells with two answers left will have a very dark green background, those with one answer left more of an evergreen shade, and finally bright green for those which have been completed. Some cells with only 1 or 2 valid answers will start with a green shade corresponding to how many answers are left.

hugequiz Premium members will see missed answers in red – they will be the largest city which qualified in each cell – only one miss will be shown per incomplete cell.

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1 month ago

The West of 8 degrees category seems to be broken, Mönchengladbach is definitely bigger than, say, Bad Kreuznach

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