IMDB 50K+ Votes 10×10 Blackout


Fill in the 25 squares with movies with at least 50K IMDB votes based on the categories in the top row and the year/IMDB rating/movie rating given in the cell. For example, if you are looking at a cell with ‘2010-‘ in its row, and ‘Best Picture Nominee’ in the column, that cell can be filled in with ‘Moneyball.’ First two words are accepted for longer film titles.

Occasionally a cell may not have a qualifying answer, in which case it will appear blank and be a gimme.

Number of words in a movie refers to # of words separated by a space. First letter of movie title does not include leading ‘A’, ‘An’, or ‘The’ – so G would include ‘The Godfather.’

hugequiz Premium members will see missed answers in red – they will be the movie with the most votes which qualified in each cell.

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