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IMDB Most Popular Biography Movies (Live)


Enter ’50’, ‘100’, ‘250’ or ‘All’ to begin. Then name the most popular IMDB movies in terms of number of votes (min 10K) which are classified as Biography by IMDB. First two words suffice for longer titles. Total votes, year, and first letter (or ‘#’ for a number/punctuation beginning, ‘A’, ‘An’, or ‘The’ for movies beginning with those) shown.

This quiz is LIVE meaning it is updated daily with current IMDB figures.

Enter number of movies to begin ('50', '100', '250' or 'All').
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6 months ago

I know you’re just using imdb categories, so this is directed at them, but some of these seem like a stretch to call a “biography.” Like Argo, Spotlight, or the Big Short. Just because something is a true story doesn’t mean its a biography. I mean, even things like 127 Hours, which are really just one specific incident are stretching it a little bit. But at least they have a primary character. Pedantic rant over.
PS – Obviously not going to stop me from taking the quiz 🙂

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