IMDB Most Popular Movies With One-Word Titles


Enter ’50’, ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘5h’ or ‘All’ to begin. Then name the most popular IMDB movies in terms of number of votes which have one-word titles – ‘All’ is all films of 10K+ votes. For purposes of this quiz, ‘one word’ means the title does not contain a space – it may have other punctuation. However, do not answer titles with punctuation, leave it out. Total votes, year, and first letter (or ‘#’ for a number/punctuation beginning) shown.

Enter number of nouns to begin ('50', '100', '250', '5h' or 'All').
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  1. I saw someone comment that it was time for an update on the RIAA quiz and then got it. Hoping I can do the same here. These movie title quizzes (especially this one and the “The” one) are my favorites, but have 4+ years worth of new movies missing!

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