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Jomboy Ref Guess Sample Quiz



STEP ONETo play and save your score you’ll need to register HERE. It only takes a moment and you’ll be able to play quizzes thru the entire site as well!

STEP TWOClick START QUIZ below to begin the quiz. You’ll be given Baseball Reference stat tables, batting for non-pitchers and pitching for pitchers. You can scroll within the stat table area to see all the columns. Try to name the player. Try to name all 3 players as fast as you can as the quiz is based on score first, then total time. To answer simply type in the player’s last name followed by a ‘.’ (period) to submit it. You will only get one guess per player! You can click SKIP PLAYER to move on to the next player, but you will not be able to go back to a player you have skipped.

STEP THREEUpon finishing all 3 players, your score will be saved. You can retake the quiz as much as you like but only the first effort will be saved.

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Jomboy Logo SCORES

Jomboy  Jomboy – 36:42

Jake  Jake – 37:14

Joez  Joez – 23:52

Shelfy  Shelfy – 24:54


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