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MLB Players By Team Image Blackout – Choose Team


First enter a team name to choose it. You will then be given a 5×5 grid of player photos who have been members of that team. They are both pitchers and batters, with a minimum of 100 K’s for pitchers and 100 hits for batters for that team. Minimums are higher as you go back to earlier years, so the quiz will be a little more recent-focused. Name any player on the grid using their FULL NAME (otherwise it gets a little easy guessing common last names) and their image will be replaced with a different player and you will get credit for naming them. Try to complete as many players in 5 minutes as you can.

hugequiz Premium members will see the names of all players left on the grid when the quiz ends.

Enter team name to choose team.
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3 months ago

I need a little more time. Mostly because I waster too much time on typing and spelling errors. Great quiz. How many pictures are there total out of curiosity?

7 months ago

Darin, the “Pause” button doesn’t seem to be working for me (on this quiz, and some others)

7 months ago
Reply to  darin

That… fair and make sense! I generally would only use it if I need to get up to answer the door, go to the bathroom, etc, but I definitely understand disabling the pause button for some quizzes generally and specifically for quizzes like this. Regardless, this team-based 5×5 image is a ton of fun!

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