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Most Famous People (MIT’s Pantheon) – Choose Occupation


First, type in an accepted occupation (listed below – all occupations having a minimum of 50 people) – then name the most famous people according to MIT’s Pantheon Project for that particular occupation the project categorized them as having. Birth country and year shown (if known) – ‘*’ denotes female.

Accepted Occupations (will auto-fill):

Actor, American Football Player, Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Architect, Artist, Astronaut, Astronomer, Athlete, Badminton Player, Baseball Player, Basketball Player, Biologist, Boxer, Businessperson, Celebrity, Chemist, Chess Player, Coach, Comedian, Comic Artist, Companion, Composer, Computer Scientist, Conductor, Cricketer, Cyclist, Dancer, Designer, Diplomat, Economist, Engineer, Explorer, Extremist, Fencer, Film Director, Game Designer, Geographer, Geologist, Golfer, Gymnast, Handball Player, Historian, Hockey Player, Inventor, Journalist, Lawyer, Linguist, Mafioso, Martial Arts, Mathematician, Military Personnel, Model, Mountaineer, Musician, Nobleman, Painter, Philosopher, Photographer, Physician, Physicist, Pilot, Politician, Pornographic Actor, Presenter, Producer, Psychologist, Racing Driver, Referee, Religious Figure, Sculptor, Singer, Skater, Skier, Snooker, Soccer Player, Social Activist, Sociologist, Swimmer, Table Tennis Player, Tennis Player, Volleyball Player, Wrestler, Writer

Enter occupation to select from list.
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1 year ago

Error (I hope…) in the Wrestler category… #42 is listed with an asterisk, denoting the female gender… No way that person is female.

1 year ago
Reply to  darin

Another gender issue… and this one is egregious to me.


I normally wouldn’t use names, but as we’re both fans of teams in the American League Central… ESPECIALLY AS I LIVE LITERALLY DOWN THE ROAD FROM COMERICA PARK…

I mean… geez.

2 years ago

Is the 1881 born Composer #41 Enescu? It won’t show… maybe a type of another famous Romanian composer born the same year?

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