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12/5/2017 – Here’s an update on the upcoming relaunch.
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Enter ’50’, ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘5h’, ‘1k’ or ‘All’ to begin. Then, name the artists with at least one total RIAA gold album certification (thru spring 2015) across all albums before time runs out. Total certs and certified albums shown. Ties broken alphabetically by artist/first name. Object is most total certifications, not artists. (Gold = 0.5 cert, each platinum = 1 cert).

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Enter number of artists to begin (’50’, ‘100’, ‘250’, ‘5h’, ‘1k’ or ‘All’).

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Quiz Creation Date: 9-14-2015

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    fyi i did have an “All RIAA Certified Artists” quiz for which I carried over the stats and scores to the ‘All’ version of this…the other versions (50-1k) are new with blank scores/stats.
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    there was a bug with scores not saving – it is fixed now. refresh the page and hit CTRL while clicking refresh to get the newest working version.
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    It seems that bands with commas in the names are registering after only the first word. For instance, if I type “earth” then the quiz accepts that instead of making me type “earth, wind, and fire.” Ditto for Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Also, last names with apostrophes require me to type the apostrophes to be accepted — not sure if that’s intentional or just a formatting issue. But regardless, I love this quiz! Thanks for updating it.
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    I could be wrong but I thought I remember there being an untimed version of this quiz, once. I kind of like the “marathon” style quizzes. This one would be a good fit for it.
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      i’ll bump up the initial starting time a bit on the 1K and All versions.

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