Rolling Stone’s Greatest Albums Of All Time Artists – Choose Number

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Enter ’50’, ‘100’, ‘250’, or ‘All’ to begin. Then name the artists of the greatest albums of all time according to Rolling Stone’s 2012 revision of the 500 greatest albums of all time. Album title and year shown – first two words suffice for longer artist names. (Self) means a self-titled album – ‘______’ replaces the band name included in the album title.

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Enter number of albums to begin (’50’, ‘100’, ‘250’, or ‘All’).

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Quiz Creation Date: 11-17-2015

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  1. -2
    Seriously, Kanye West at #118? How can a modern artist be that high when music, for the most part, has sucked since 1997? Honestly, the only good artist that debuted after 1996 is Eminem.
    1. 0
      Do you really think mankind decided to stop making good music 18 years ago? Seriously, there is so much good music made before and after 1997. The problem may be your old fashioned taste of music, and not the music itself…
      1. 0
        Yes I do think that mankind decided to stop making good music after 1997, but I also think some artists have decided to start making good music again, namely Daft Punk and Taylor Swift.

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