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NCAA 50 Closest Schools – Choose School


Begin by naming an NCAA Division I, II or III school – see naming notes below – that school will appear as a large white marker (often with other markers for nearby schools covering part of it). Then, the 50 closest schools to that school will appear. Try to name as many as possible. Hover over the markers to see the school’s conference. Large markers are D-I, medium are D-II, and small are D-III. Naming notes: I tried to use the most common name for choosing the school to begin with – only ONE name is accepted initially to choose a school, but many alternatives are accepted once you begin naming other schools for the quiz. Regarding the initial name to choose your school – some longer schools use an abbreviation, i.e. ‘BYU’, ‘IUPUI’ and ‘NJIT’ – the main state school will be just the state name, i.e. ‘Wisconsin.’ or ‘North Carolina.’ – note you may have to enter the period at the end for many of these to prevent answering it when trying other state schools at different locations, which are answered in the format ‘State Location’ i.e. ‘Wisconsin Green Bay’…some other naming conventions include ‘Cal State Bakersfield’ and ‘SUNY Albany’ for examples of CA & NY state schools. ‘St Francis’ is the name of two schools – ‘St Francis PA’ and ‘St Francis NY’ are the formats for those. ‘Saint’ is always abbreviated ‘St’ for naming the initial school you are choosing. If a school you want to choose isn’t registering, you may have to try a ‘.’ at the end, the state’s abbreviation after it, or maybe removing a leading ‘The’ or words such as ‘University’ or ‘College’. Questions on a naming to start the quiz – ask in the comments.

Enter school to begin (i.e. 'Florida St' or 'Nebraska Omaha').
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