NCAA Basketball Tournament AP #1 Seed Losses

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  1. Agreed – many #1 seeds are not accounted for. And it’s unclear whether it refers to the so-called “#1 overall seed” (which is a relatively recent development) as compared to the AP poll, Coaches’ poll, etc. Some of the games listed can’t really be considered upsets (1996, for instance – the so-called #2 team was much stronger than the AP #1 team).

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  2. Darin – Something is way off here. I think this quiz is MEANT to be about upsets of the overall #1 RANKED TEAM in the NCAA tournament – so, for example, Wisconsin over Kentucky in 2015.

    But there are FOUR “#1 seeds” in every NCAA tournament and they are routinely upset by lower seeds … e.g., #1 seed Villanova was upset by #8 seed North Carolina State in 2015 … and in 2014, three of the four #1 seeds lost to lower seeds.

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