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NHL Seasons 10×10 Blackout – Choose Team


First choose any team except Seattle and Vegas (not enough seasons) by typing the team name and choosing it from the drop-down list. Then, try to fill in all 25 squares by naming players from that team who had the achievements listed above each column in at least one of the seasons listed in the cell. Stats for each column are only for a SINGLE SEASON in the range listed in the cell, not combined seasons.

PLEASE NOTE – You may have to wait a few seconds for the cells to fill in after choosing a team.

For example, if your chosen team is the Avalanche, and the cell is ‘2000-04′ and the column is ’75-99 Pts’ you can answer ‘Joe Sakic.’

Player names must be full names, not just last names otherwise the quiz is too easy.

hugequiz Premium members will see missed answers at the end of the quiz. For skater columns they will be players with the most points in a season of that cell, for goalies it will be players with the most wins in a season of that cell.

Enter team name to choose team.
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9 months ago

I had one category (2000+ saves for the Red Wings) where not a single player qualified for any of the ten ranges of seasons- is there any way to prevent that type of category from coming up if it will be ten blanks? Thanks.

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