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Philippines Cities Learning



Click on the number of cities below the guess box. This will show that many of the largest cities on the map with markers and labels.. You can click SHOW/HIDE POP and SHOW/HIDE RANK to display or not display that info next to each city name. The cities you have memorized and removed from the map are stored as a browser cookie so whenever you come back to the map (using the same browser) they will still be there. Clearing your cookies will therefore reset the saved cities as well.

To practice learning, you can double-click on a city’s marker to remove it from the map and move it to the right panel of ‘Cities Memorized.’ To Undo the previous movement of a city to the memorized list, simply click UNDO LAST under the list of cities on the right. To move ALL cities back to the map click RESET ALL (be careful this resets everything!). To move a single city back simply double-click on the icon to the right of the city name.

This is NOT a quiz, just a learning tool, so you can’t answer anything into the guess box nor are there high scores.

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9 days ago

The data from City Population’s Provinces & Municipal Division is accurate. “Regions & Urban Places” is not. This is because, like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, there are no unincorporated areas. Unlike South Africa and Chongqing, there is no official or historical basis for the urban places listed.

As an example, notice that “Pinugay” is listed as “Pinugay (in Baras Municipality)”.

City Population probably thought it was reasonable to balkanize municipalities having large barangays that are located some distance from the poblacion. However reasonable the assumption may seem, it is nonetheless incorrect. There are no Levittowns in the Philippines. Locally, there is no confusion at all about what municipality each barangay, sitio or purok is a part of. And I should know. I’ve visited the Philippines on seven occasions (my wife is from Tanay, Rizal).

But don’t take my word for it. Just go to Google Street View, and notice how most businesses prominently list the name of the municipality they’re in, even in the remote areas. So saying they should be counted separately just because they’re some distance from the “main city” is like saying that Staten Island should be treated as separate from New York City.

This is why I created my own Philippines quiz in the user created quiz section. I wanted a quiz that accurately counted the populations of the municipalities while omitting all barangays.

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