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Name all the lyrics in all the Pink Floyd songs. Plurals, possessives, etc are separate words. Typically but not always, hyphenated words in the lyrics are counted as one word. Numbers are usually spelled out if they are smaller numbers. Obviously lyrics and sounds can differ on lyrics sites, I went with the data used in my source, and made some adjustments to errors I spotted or added alternative spellings, etc. Clicking on a song will show the lyrics, left to right, top to bottom.

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  1. Not sure what’s going on, but (avoiding spoilers) it would appear that in what is likely Pink Floyd’s most well-known song, the particular occupation being addressed does not seem to register.

    1. they are time consuming to make, a couple users have gathered the data for the last couple I did. if interested in doing that, you can contact me at the email on the contact page 🙂

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