RIAA Top Selling One Word Artists – Choose Number


Enter ’50’, ‘100’, or ‘All’ to begin. Then, name the top selling artists in terms of RIAA certifications (at least 1 total certification) who have one word in their name. One word refers to the artist name not containing a space. Artists which are sometimes referred to as ‘The (something)’ are included if they are officially not titled with ‘the’. Object is most certs, not artists. Total certs and first letter (or ‘#’ for a number) of artist name along with # of certified albums shown.

Enter number of artists to begin ('50', '100' or 'All').
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  1. Starship definitely had at least 2 million in certs as Starship, even if you do lump Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and Starship together as the same band.

    They’re not. Paul Kantner has nothing to do with either Jefferson Airplane or Starship, and Kantner, not Grace Slick, was the leader of Jefferson Starship, so the three entities should be counted separately for the purposes of this quiz.

    In fact, Slick was only the leader of Jefferson Airplane. Mickey Thomas lead Starship.

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