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Songs By Artist – Choose Artist


First, choose one of thousands of artists by typing a name and selecting. Then, name that artist’s songs (based on all tracks on albums by that artist on Spotify). So this will include Deluxe/Live/Remastered editions – anything listed on Spotify, but keep in mind Spotify does not always have all albums. First two words accepted for longer titles. You must be exact with the title names – due to the amount of data in this quiz I’m unable to manually input alternate answers.

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4 months ago

i can choose an artist, but after that, it’s just blank with the numbers on the side and absolutely nothing loads. I’ve wanted to do this quiz for a couple months now, keep running into this bug however.

5 months ago

i dont understand how to play please help

6 months ago

I gotta request The Tragically Hip and Ween. Thanks!

7 months ago

NIrvana seems to have some double albums in the list between 150-200 and 200-250

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