NFL Quizzes

Career Stats/Players

NFL 1000+ Passing Yards For A Single Team
NFL 1000+ Receiving Yards For A Single Team
NFL 1000+ Rushing Yards For A Single Team
NFL Active QB TD Leader Recipients
NFL Active Stats Leaders
NFL All Field Goals
NFL All Head Coaches
NFL All Players By School – Choose College
NFL All Point Scorers in History
NFL All Sacks
NFL All TD’s – Choose Your Team
NFL Career Leaders – Top 50 By Stat
NFL Career Leaders – Choose Stat
NFL Career Leaders By Last Name – Choose Stat
NFL Career Pass/Rush/Rec Leaders Without Milestone Games
NFL Career Passing Leaders Each Year
NFL Career Receiving Leaders Each Year
NFL Career Rushing Leaders Each Year
NFL Career Totals Blitz – Choose Stat
NFL Field Goal Kickers By Team
NFL Last Names With Most Combined TD’s
NFL Monday Night Football Career Leaders
NFL Most Passing Yards
NFL Most Receiving Yards
NFL Most Rushing Yards
NFL Non-HOF Stat Leaders
NFL Passing Leaders By Stadium
NFL Passing Yards By Age
NFL Players With 3+ Kick & Punt Return TD’s
NFL Progressive Stat Leaders
NFL Receiving Leaders By Stadium
NFL Receiving Yards By Age
NFL Rushing Leaders By Stadium
NFL Rushing TD Leaders By Distance
NFL Rushing Yards By Age
NFL TD’s By Age
NFL Thanksgiving Day Game Passing, Rushing & Receiving Leaders
NFL Top 25 By Team Choose Stat
NFL Top Approximate Value – Choose Team
NFL Top Approximate Value By Uniform Number
NFL Top Pass/Rush/Rec Yards
NFL Winningest Head Coaches

Season Stats/Players

NFL 2012 Year In TD’s
NFL 2013 Year In TD’s
NFL 2014 Opening Active Rosters – Offensive Skill Positions & Kickers/Punters
NFL 2014 Year In TD’s
NFL All 3000 Yard Passing Seasons
NFL All 1000 Yard Receiving Seasons
NFL All 1000 Yard Rushing Seasons
graph  NFL Chart – Seasons & TD’s By Player – Choose Team
NFL Offensive TD’s By Team 1980-89
NFL Offensive TD’s By Team 1990-99
NFL Offensive TD’s By Team 2000-14
NFL Passing, Rushing & Receiving Leaders By Season & Team
NFL Passing TD’s 2000-14
NFL Passing Yards 1980-89
NFL Passing Yards 1990-99
NFL Passing Yards Since 2000
NFL Receiving Yards 1980-89
NFL Receiving Yards 1990-99
NFL Receiving Yards Since 2000
NFL Rushing Yards 1980-89
NFL Rushing Yards 1990-99
NFL Rushing Yards Since 2000
NFL TD’s By Team By Year – Choose Year
NFL Top 10 By Year Choose Stat
NFL Top 25 Stats Leaders – Choose Decade
NFL Top 50 Rookie Seasons By Stat
NFL Top 500 Fantasy Games 1990-2012
NFL Top Pass/Rush/Rec 2000-2012

Game Achievements

NFL 10+ Passing TD Teammates
NFL 100 Best Passing, Receiving & Rushing Yard Games
NFL 3+ Receiving TD Games
NFL 5+ Passing TD Games
NFL 5+ Rushing TD Teammates
NFL 50 Most Recent Different TD Scorers By Team
NFL 50+ Yard TD Teammates
NFL 90+ Yard Offensive TD’s
NFL All 10-Reception Games
NFL All 100-Yd Receiving Games
NFL All 100-Yd Rushing Games
NFL All 300-Yd Passing Games
NFL All Multiple TD Games
NFL All Passing TD’s By Distance – Choose Distance
NFL All Receiving TD’s By Distance – Choose Distance
NFL All Rushing TD’s By Distance – Choose Distance
NFL Last 10 Players With Single-Game Feats
NFL Longest Game Streaks – Choose Stat
NFL Monday Night Football Single Game Leaders
NFL Most Common TD Teammates Of Most Prolific TD Passers
NFL Most Recent 100-Yard Rushing Games By Team
NFL Most Recent 100-Yard Receiving Games By Team
NFL Oldest Passing TD Teammates
NFL Oldest Player By Team By Season
NFL Passing TD Teammates By Distance
NFL QB 30+ Fantasy Points Games
NFL RB 30+ Fantasy Points Games
NFL Starting QB’s 1970-2013
NFL TD & Field Goal Scorers In The Highest Scoring Games
NFL TD Teammates – Choose Player
NFL TD Teammates Most By Team
NFL WR 30+ Fantasy Points Games


NFL All Pro Bowlers
NFL All Super Bowl TD’s
NFL Best Fantasy Games 1990-2012
NFL AFC/NFC Championship Game Pass/Rush/Rec Leaders
graph  NFL Chart – QB Passing & Rushing Yards Grid
graph  NFL Chart – QB’s By Height & Weight 1980-2013
NFL Draft 1st & 2nd Rounds
NFL Draft QB’s Selected In The 1st & 2nd Rounds
NFL Drafts By Team – Choose Team
NFL Individual Awards
NFL Most Player Of The Week Awards
NFL Most Pro Bowls – Choose Number
NFL Peyton Manning TD Receivers
NFL Player Twitter Usernames
NFL Players On Multiple Super Bowl Winning Teams
NFL Players Who Played In Most Playoff Games
NFL Playoff Starting QB’s
NFL Playoff Stat Leaders
NFL Playoff TD’s By Team
NFL Pro Bowls By Team
NFL Stadium Names For Current Franchises
NFL Super Bowl Anthem & Halftime Performers
NFL Super Bowl Pass/Rush/Rec Leaders
NFL Super Bowl Starters
NFL TD Receivers By Passer – Choose Player
NFL TD’s Between HOF Teammates
NFL Top 100 Players By Year
Pro Football Hall Of Fame All-Decade Teams
Pro Football Hall Of Fame Members
Tecmo Bowl Rosters

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