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First, choose one of 100’s of artists by typing a name and selecting. Artists will be being added over time, I am choosing to focus on the ones with the most RIAA certified sales at first. Then, name that artist’s studio albums (in the Album entries) and songs (in the Tracks entries). First three words accepted for longer titles. Didn’t include bonus tracks, untitled tracks, etc.

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  1. A great quiz1 Neil Young would be another one with an extensive back catalogue that would be great to have. Also, if you had time you could possibly include live albums as well or have a separate category maybe?

  2. Michael, but not The Jackson Five, The Jacksons, Janet or Jermaine?

    Also, if you were to add Jefferson Airplane, would Jefferson Starship and Starship be lumped in as well? I ask because CSN and CSNY are listed separately.

          1. I do a lot of these on Sporcle. Now I don’t have to. I should point out that in the Alice In Chains one, Rainier Fog (the album title) is spelled correctly, but the title track has “Rainier” spelled “Rainer”. Also, “Texarkana” doesn’t show up in the R.E.M. quiz.

  3. this quiz has quite a bit of data and there are bound to be some mistakes/issues – let me know of them below and i’ll see to them and remove the comment when the issue is fixed. keep in mind this is studio albums only, and for the Beatles just their 13-album ‘Core Catalog’

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