UK 1K+ Cities 25 Km Coverage Challenge


Choose any 1K+ UK city (see naming notes below), then continue naming 1K+ UK cities which are within 25km of any previously named city, trying to accumulate the most total cities covered. If you name a city outside a blue circle, the quiz will end.

NAMING NOTES: because of the number of similarly named UK cities you must end each city with a ‘.’ – i.e. ‘london.’ or ‘liverpool.’ – also, there are about 370 names which match exactly with other city names (for example, there are 5 ‘Sutton’ cities). To choose the largest of these type ‘sutton1.’ with the 1 for its rank, and the period at the end as well. So be careful that you know which rank the city you want chosen is (usually it will be the largest). Sorry, just don’t know another way around this, often the cities are in the same country of the UK so can’t differentiate using that either. Therefore, if you are trying to name a city and just typing the name with a ‘.’ at the end doesn’t take, that means there are multiple cities of that name and you must use a number as well before the period.

Enter a city to begin (see naming notes)...


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