Ukraine Largest Cities


First choose the number of cities by typing ‘50’, ‘100’, or ‘all’ – then try to achieve the highest population among the top 10K+ population Ukrainian cities you chose. Quiz is not timed. Zoom level is limited as city labels would show up otherwise.

Enter '50', '100' or 'all' to begin...


  1. Shchastia and Armiansk for some reason are spelled with “ya” instead and don’t accept the spellings with “ia” (even tho that seems to be the standard transliteration for other cities)

    also Stanytsia Luhanska apparently doesn’t work if you type the full name, only the first part is accepted (i.e. if you type too fast or make a typo and then correct it it won’t accept it)

  2. Darin, thank you for creating the Ukraine Largest City game, particularly so at this time, you’re the best! After the decommunization in 2016 the following city names changed, which I could not find in this game yet: Ordzhonikidze was renamed Pokrov, Yunokomunarivsk went back to the original name Bunhe, Krasnyi Lyman is now Lyman, Torez is now Chystiakove, Kirovsk became Holubivka, Chervonopartyzansk is Voznesenivka. I could not find Khrustalnyi (previously Krasnyi Luch). Source:

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