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US 10,000 Mile Challenge (Premium Only)


You have 15 min or 10K miles to travel the 48 states trying to total the highest total population of 50K+ cities visited. Naming notes: a handful of cities have the same names or must be entered to enter a longer city name…enter the city name followed by state abbreviation for these (i.e. ‘springfieldmo’ or ‘wichitaks’ (due to Wichita Falls, TX)) – for a handful you will need to just add a ‘.’ at the end of the city name, such as ‘miami.’. Therefore if a city isn’t working add the state abbr or period to the end of it, as it has one of these conflicts.

Please note – this quiz is only available to hugequiz Premium members, as it costs money for me to use the Google Directions API and this quiz is more costly than the other street view ones.

Enter guesses above to begin.


  1. Mooresville NC was over 51,000 by 2021, stayed over 51K, but typing in Moore (without a .) shoots you over to Oklahoma. Next attempt I just left it off, but it should take it or at least not take you away from it.

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