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US 100K+ Cities Direction Challenge


The object of this quiz is to name (see NAMING NOTE below) as many US 100K+ cities as possible starting from the position you choose without skipping cities moving in the opposite direction. For example, if you choose ‘S’ you ‘start’ at extreme southern US to begin you are aiming to name the most southern US 100K+ city, then the 2nd most southern, and so on as you move north. Naming correct cities increases the population counter – the object is to get the highest total population among all cities you name. However, once you move in a direction you can’t name cities already passed by (i.e. covered in the blue shaded region).

NAMING NOTE: You must end each city name with a period – i.e. ‘Dallas.’ – this prevents naming a city whose name is a partial name of the city you want to answer. If you name a city that has multiple answers, only the closest upcoming one will be answered for you, so you won’t name the farther away city from the one you are trying to guess.

You don’t start with a ton of time, however there is a 30 second time bonus for naming the next city in order, and a 15 second bonus for naming the 2nd or 3rd next city in order. So if you name well you can accumulate a lot of extra time.

hugequiz Premium members will see up to the largest 25 cities missed when the quiz ends – they will be pink markers you can mouseover to see city details.

Enter starting position to begin ('N', 'S', 'E' or 'W').
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8 months ago

Could not input Albuquerque and Shreveport. Thanks for the new quiz!

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