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US 50 Mile 50-Circle Coverage Challenge


You start with a blank map. Double-click on the map to create a circle of 50 miles radius centered on that location. All US cities within 50 miles of that circle will appear and count toward your total cities. The object is to cover as many cities as possible in 50 circles. You can click within an already-created circle as well, however you may have to zoom in slightly so you aren’t clicking on an existing city marker.

Double-click to place circles.
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7 months ago

How is this data being sorted? It’s weird to click on the DC/NoVA area and get almost half as many hits as northern Vermont/NH. Would be nice if it could be sorted to only 10k+ cities like in other quizzes.

7 months ago
Reply to  darin

Any chance we could get a version more along the lines of the 50k 500km circle world version? That’s my favorite quiz of all time and I’d love to get a proper US version (:

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