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US All Census-Designated Places – Choose State


Begin by entering a state abbreviation except HI (its CDP’s are its only places and are included on the regular US All Places – Choose Your State quiz). Then, try to reach the highest population by naming that state’s CDP’s.

A census-designated place (CDP) is a concentration of population defined by the United States Census Bureau for statistical purposes only. It is basically a counterpart to an incorporated place that you would normally see on a largest cities quiz.

Enter any state abbreviation except HI to begin (i.e. 'NY').
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9 months ago

It seriously surprised me that Shelby,MT is a CDP. Its on the largest cities quizzes so i assumed it was.

9 months ago
Reply to  SaltineCracker

I meant it isnt. sorry

10 months ago

i think the villages, fl are broken, 0% of people got it and i can’t type it

11 months ago

There don’t appear to be any valid answers for Alaska. None of the places on this list: turn in a valid answer.

1 year ago

Any quiz that combines the CDP’s with the cities from the ‘all places’ quiz?

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