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US All Cities By First Letter – Choose Letter


First choose any letter except X (only 2 cities) – then try to achieve the highest population among the US cities/towns/etc beginning with that letter. Quiz is not timed.

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Enter any letter except X to begin.
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7 months ago

Weird issue for L i think, everything seems to be doubled on the stats bar. For example, it says 0/100 states completed and the total number of cities for every amount (i.e. 1M+,500K-1M,…) is listed as twice as much as their actually is.

3 years ago

This whole quiz could be ruined if somebody founds a city called “Alldone.”

3 years ago
Reply to  Retracto

Such as if Aldan, PA were to name itself “Alldone, Pennsylvania” as a joke. ^^

8 years ago

On the D quiz, is “Deer Lodge, MT” actually Anaconda-Deer Lodge? If so, that’s sneaky, Darin.

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