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US All New England Towns – Choose State


First choose a New England state among CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI or VT by typing it’s abbreviation. Then, name all the towns of that state. Some of these state’s towns do not appear on my largest cities/places quizzes, depending on how they are classified.

Enter state to begin (i.e. 'VT').
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11 months ago

Are places like Burlington, Winooski, Williston not included because they are classed as cities? In the VT map

1 year ago

something is very wrong with the location pins on MA at least… they are in the wrong places (though for what it’s worth they do seem to be the right size pins that are dissappearing… just not where the towns actually are.

1 year ago

(Not that I don’t love having the option of another great one of these quizzes, but New York technically isn’t one of the six New England states.)

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