North America

US Capital Coverage Challenge

Enter a capital city to begin.

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    1. I can only use what the Google Maps API says is the distance…obviously minor discrepancies will exist. I’ll double check that the quiz is using routes based on shortest distance and not factoring time into the route choice.

        1. oh whoops I was thinking this was a route based quiz without even looking above at what it was haha…no this is as the crow flies, so the difference is due to coordinates.

    2. also consider the coordinates used – the coordinates I have for a city are not likely the exact coordinates some services use when just typing in the city name and requesting directions. mine are based on Geonames coordinates, whereas different directions services may use city hall, or some other area within the city as the endpoint.

  1. i fixed the bug with the score saving even though all capitals weren’t completed – i did remove the 23 score, if it was good sorry, you’ll have to post again.

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