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US City Grid Challenge – Advanced


Choose a number of cities by typing ‘3’, ‘5’, or ’10’. Then, enter the largest number of cities you chose in each 2.5-degree grid square. Only green squares contain answers. When you have 2 left to go in a square it will fill in faintly yellow, 1 left it will be orangish, and all done it turns red. A time bonus is given for completing a square (it is greater for higher levels).

For example, if you choose ‘3’ for your number of cities to start the quiz, only the 3 largest cities in each grid square will be accepted as answers.

hugequiz Premium members will see the top 25 missed cities at the end of the quiz as purple markers – you can mouseover them to see city details for each.

Enter '3', '5', or '10' to begin.
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11 months ago

It might be that it’s supposed to be the X largest “cities” but unless there’s some typo in the answers being sought I can’t figure out what the 3rd largest “city” on Oahu/Kauai is. Honolulu and Pearl City make sense. Then I’d expect it would be either Kailua or Waipahu (possibly Kaneohe), but none of those answers are accepted. There is also some square that I believe should just catch Pahoa (it does in the 10 city version) but I guess that’s too small to count for 3 and even looking at an actual map I’ve tried all the cities I can find in that blob, and it doesn’t take any of them…so I’m at a loss. Quite an enjoyable site though. Must take quite a lot of work.

1 year ago

This quiz is bugged. I just entered the name of 10 cities in the grid where I live and none of them were recognized.

1 year ago

lets goo

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